Somebody please teach me how to speak Swedish

"jävla" "fan" "okej" "mm" "nej" "öl" "var är toan" this is all you need to know

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jag älskar att järnvägen blir mer och mer privatiserad ingen (via useless-swedenfacts)
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End Rape Culture!
  • Feminists: End rape culture!
  • Anti-feminists: Rape culture doesn't exist.
  • Feminists: Here is a small-scale example of rape culture....
  • Anti-feminists: That's not a big deal, that's just a 1st world problem.
  • Feminists: Here is a large-scale example of rape culture....
  • Anti-feminists: That's just part of life, you can't end all rape. Women just have to be smart and safe and take responsibility for themselves.
  • Feminists: Here's an article on why it shouldn't be a rape victim's duty to prevent rape...
  • Anti-feminists: You're just trying to avoid responsibility for how you contribute to this problem.
  • Feminists: Here's a mirror. Look into it and say that again.
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